Monday, March 2, 2009

No more Whining from the Winery :-) + New Open House Dates

Hello everyone.

As the Spring Equinox approaches and we welcome the early blooming crocus, the season of Lent and the upcoming Passover, I have decided to stop Whining about the Winery issues and focus on a positive future, and of course the wine . After all, “It’s all about the Wine…”

Many of you have been an inspiration to me and I welcome your continued patronage and feedback.

During our next open house, you will experience new wines that I have meticulously selected and I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Dates: Saturday: March 7th & 14th
Time: 2PM until 2AM
Where: The Winery at St. George
1715 E. Main Street – Mohegan Lake NY

Today’s Quote: “In Vino Veritas” – “In Wine (there is) Truth”

I look forward to seeing you again and please pass this on to your family and friends.

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Tom DeChiaro

The Winery at St. George
PO Box 32
Baldwin Place, NY 10505
(914) 455-4272
(914) 455-4273 - fax


  1. I attended last Saturday's Open House for the first time, and while I was ready to expect something very special, it surpassed my expectations! The atmosphere, wine and service were truly amazing. And the best part is that everyone there couldn't believe that such a wonderful place has been having such a hard time opening. Continued Success, Tom!

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