Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Winery Lawsuit

Have you seen the latest news:

Former owner of Old Stone Church alleges bribery

Some officials say DiBartolo’s raise was pulled, not refused

Link to the latest documents filed in Federal Court

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Dear Winery Supporter,

The Winery lawsuit continues to move forward, albeit very slowly.

In the interest of trying to move this process out of litigation and save both the Yorktown Taxpayer and myself legal expense, my attorney and I have contacted the town and the town attorneys to see if they were interested in talking. As I expected, the Town refuses to meet. We have a serious problem with the Yorktown leadership. They are currently over budget by $100,000 just on legal fees and they clearly don't care much about the cost of this litigation to Yorktown residents.

This is an excerpt from the Citizens for an Informed Yorktown web site:

“Town attorney John Buckley reported an unanticipated “triple play” that has caused the town to overspend it's $20,000 2008 budget line for outside legal services. To date, $117,000 has been spent and there are substantial additional bills that will have to be paid by the end of the year. Mr. Campisi noted that if the town wins the winery/old stone church case, it could get some money back. Some of the money spent for tax certiorari cases were for preparing for trials that never opened because the cases were settled.”

I am planning to have a question and answer session on the Winery and the lawsuit in the coming weeks. Please let me know if you would be interested in attending.

In the meantime, I have updated the Winery website with the latest filings in the Federal Lawsuit. I have also created a Blog for residents to post comments and feedback. Please visit both sites and let me know what you think. Also, please pass this e-mail on to anyone who may be interested.

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  1. The corruption is out of control, I hope things get cleaned up soon

  2. It's time to get this Winery open! If the Town Board is so worried about our residents, then why won't they let this business open. We the public want it! And lets not forget it will create jobs and sales tax revenue.

    Something is very WRONG in our town

  3. This winery would be a nice additional to the community. The town board has bigger problems to tackle, let the winery open!

  4. We need to vote out the entire Town Board - Fresh blood will solve this problem

  5. The Town Board is suppose to support its people and their businesses, they are servants of the people who should run the Town without prejudice and with justice. This siutation that exists with the Winery and not allowing it to open is a travesty of justice and the Town Board and its members should be ashamed of themselves. The corruption is running rampant and the people must join together to stop it now before it is allowed to destroy the very fabric of what this Country was based upon, a democractic society with certain rights to its people.

  6. Easy solution-bring it to all Yorktown residents and let them vote on it. Then we'll see what the people really want.

  7. Please let us know when the next town board meeting is so that those in favor of seeing an end to the corruption and mismanagement that exits in some corners of Yorktown government can attend the next meeting and let their feelings known. In addition, the Yorktown town board needs to hear directly from the voters and taxpayers on how they feel about this proposed business which would create jobs, tax revenues and put to good use a wonderful and beautiful building.

  8. It's time to get this beautiful restaurant/winery open. Enough already it's a addition to the area and the town.

  9. I thought Don Peters was going to change the culture of Yorktown government. I guess we need a stronger leader.

    Not only do we need a change in Washington, we also need a change in Yorktown.

    I can't belive we town residents allow this board to treat us with such disrespect.

    You can count on my support. We need to march on town hall... JS

  10. This town is a disgrace!

  11. What makes sense is for this incredible structure to be open to the public. It would generate business in this difficult economy and give people a well deserved place to destress and relax in these difficult times. So Yorktown politicians why are you making life more difficult? Aren't you supposed to make life better for your constituency? What possible purpose does it serve to keep this business from opening and thriving, adding a beautiful place for your community to enjoy? You should be proud of it and glad to have Tom DeChiaro in your business community. I've worked for him for years and he is a great guy! Stop wasting valuable tax dollars on this fight and admit you need to reconsider your position.
    Maryann Syrek
    St. George Winery

  12. Not only will the Winery bring a good place for adults to relax and socialize it will help our economy and provide jobs.Our government never ceases to disappoint me- both republican + democrats

  13. This is a growing town with a townie mentality and it shows. Take a look at all the depts in this town, the police dept for example is a good ole boy network. The building dept is no better and I can go on and on. For example in November a police officer was asked to resign or be let go. He resigned then Chief McManon refused to accept the resignation and was backed up by Mortarano & Bianco the officer sued the town to accept his resignation which he submitted as told. they had to consult a labor attorney and who know what that cost to the tax payers again and the town was told they had to accept the resignation. It cost the officer in approx. $1000.00 in legal fees. This officer is now an officer in good standing in the NYPD. This all is part and parcel of the small town good ole boy attitude of this town, and why the tax payers are bearing the brunt of poor choices by the town fathers. for those who think they should be smarter then this, they clearly are not.

  14. I Agree with Mr. DeChiaro on this one 100%. I have been a resident of Yorktown for over 35 years and have always had this inclination that something was "Rotten in Denmark" with this administration. These are clearly reasons why you need cap terms on how many time officials can run for office. In reading some of these documents, I could NOT BELIEVE what I saw...the amount of tax payer dollars being spent on LEGAL fees, and all because some officals have a PERSONAL issue with Mr. DeChiaro.. I dont know about other taxpayers, but this one DOES NOT AGREE with this decision. As for the treatment our town has given Mr. DeChiaro, I am appauled and embarresed! The thought of having the old stone church restored as (what I will call)a Classy Establishment is certainly the RIGHT decision for this town. First, on behalf of the residents, I would like to apologize to Mr. DeChiaro and rather than throw stones, lets honor him and more importantly, THANK him for taking the time and effort to bring this corruption to the surface. Town officials, if you read this enjoy the time you have now on the board...cause that light at the end of the tunnel is not the end of this endeavor, but rather it's Mr. DeChiaro's "spirit & passion" ready to expose you for the underhanded power tripped political morons you really are. So my message to the town officials are....
    "Please, let the guy open.....My 15 min are up, and so are your terms in office."

  15. I think it is quite obvious based on the articles we have read and what we have heard that the incumbent officials have excerised their power to prevent an honest businessman like Mr. DeChiaro from opening his Winery. It is also clear that the Town officials are self-serving individuals who lack ethics and integrity. Yorktown needs new government and new officials who really care about the people and their community.

  16. I totally agree that this place needs to be open to the public and people of Yorktown and not just be cattle roped into forcing lawsuits and self serving actions by the board. Be creative.
    Did they do this to Miracles that just opened -- no!

  17. Town of Yorktown residents need more culinary options. Drinking bad beer at Murphy's all the time is not a culinary option. Why prevent someone from doing something creative? Do we need another box store in the town? Town officials should concentrate on other ways to be effective local leaders. They might want to do a forum and ask residents what they want?

  18. It’s time the Fed’s comes in and locks them all up including Mr. DiBatrolo. This guy is so corrupt he makes soon to be X Illinois Governor Blagojevich look like and angle. I am sure if someone really looked at the comptrollers records (The Real Records) you will see that he didn’t save the town anything. Infect you may find that he has cost the town (Taxpayers) plenty. It’s time they all go, maybe to jail. Let’s find out who is going to run against him in November and support him or her!

  19. WOW so true. This guy has to go.
    Why is it that every news paper and news station from Albany to NY City reported that he wasn’t accepting his 25k raise, and only the North County News reported the facts. HE WAS NEVER GETTING IT, HE IS A LIAR! Get rid of him.

  20. Why doesn’t this surprise me about Mr. Bianco I can remember back in 1999 when he demanded Town employees using town equipment, to clean out his supporters (voters) flooded (Hurricane Floyd) basements. When others had to deal with it on there own. He also did the same for some local business. One of those businesses is in the K-Mart shopping center. Maybe this is why he doesn’t want the Winery to open?
    I think the people (voters) should also look into Mr. Campisi employment, (former and present) I am sure you will find out some unsettling information. The list goes on and on. What are the headlines going to read next?